When you want to create seamlessly tiling textures out of some photographs, usually a lot of manual work using some image editing software becomes necessary. Just using the image right away will create ugly seams.

Inspired by the wonderful paper on graph cuts for image and video synthesis, I implemented the algorithm in a more simple form, suitable for creating seamlessly tiling images. Now, the user is just required to adjust an amount of horizontal and vertical overlap and in some seconds a seamless version is created.

The core of the algorithm is the Boykov/Kolmogorov graph cut algorithm, which is implemented already in the boost library, ready for use. So in fact, most of my development time I've spent on creating a nice application for MacOS X which is hopefully easy and intuitive to use.
You can try out a preview version, still including some bugs and several memory leaks here:
Note, that the application is MacOS X 10.6 only, built for x86 and provided to you as is. I'll try to improve it in my spare time to fix all the remaining bugs and leaks and add some useful features, but for now it appears already quite usable (at least, to me).