As mentioned in the previous post, I have been working on a userspace driver for UVC cameras under MacOS X.

As the basic functionality for my camera is there, I have decided to release the code to the public. Feel invited to join development now!

I will try to keep the wiki-page updated, instruction on where to find the code are there aswell.

If you like to collaborate on this, please report in the comments to this post. I will set-up an SVN account for you then. Depending on how this is going, I could possibly set-up an own trac as well, but for now I guess this is not necessary.

Also, I would be happy if you could report any experiences - but do not expect that I am able to fix any bugs very soon.

As I restructure everything on this website, the wiki is gone. Feel free to check the code directly from SVN, if interested. I will create a dedicated page again some time later
svn co